Summer time party decorations

Summer is almost over but its not over yet and those of you who are having summer party's then  here are a few decorations that you can make your self and everyone will love them! These decorations don't have to be for your party but can also go in your room!  The first decoration is a cute poster board!

 What you will need: Two pieces of thick cardboard cut the same size. A glue stick and a bottle of glue. Cut out hearts and little circles. (if you see in the picture I painted one of my card boards red with a golden frame) 
Step 1: Take your glue stick and glue the bottom of each heart and circle. Design it the way you want it to look.
Step 2: Glue your other cardboard. And place your painted board on top.
Step 3: Stick your thumb nails in! And there you have a cute poster board for your party!

Here is the next decoration! 
What you will need: Markers of your choice. A piece of paper. And a stapler.
Step 1: Cut your piece of paper into a perfect square.
Step 2: Color you paper.
Step 3: Do different designs and make sure you do it on the back.
Step 4: Fold it back and forth then staple it in the middle.
 Step 5: Staple it to the back so that it makes a fan.
Step 6: Make another one of these fans.

Step 7: Staple it together and there you have a pretty decoration that you can put on a table or a desk.

 Here is the last and final decoration. ( You saw this one on the poster board)

What you will need: 3 kinds of paint, A circled piece of cardboard, and a pencil. And something to cut your cardboard with. (you can use a knife if you wish)  
Step 1: Draw and cut out your flower.

                                                                                                              Step 2: Paint your flower the way you want it.                                        


  1. I know its not Monday yet but I decided I would post a bonus one early! I hope you all like it! And I'll see you on Monday!


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