Fall Outfit

Hey everyone! Welcome back to DIY Crafts + Life Style. So for today's post I wanted to share with you this outfit idea for fall. This if more of an outfit for a autumn in a warmer climate. Also I would just like to say this whole outfit can be purchased at Ardene. It is a Canadian store but they do have a online store. I will leave a link to that at the end of this post.  So lets "Fall" into it! (see what I did there?)

So first I started with this cute black dress with little sunflowers on it. I thought it looked really "fallie" (if that's even a word lol.). Then I decided to go with a cute black hat that had the coolest brim. Then I went with the bohemian kind of  cutsie bag that was a pretty, and a tan color. I couldn't fit the shoes in the frame of the picture so here it is below:
So then I finished off the outfit with these stylish tan heals. So this is a more dressier outfit then an everyday outfit, but still if that's your look go for it. You can probably find parts of this outfit at your regular store and kind of piece it together if you would like. But I did buy everything in the post at Ardene: https://www.ardene.com
That link should take you directly to their home page website. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! I know it may seem like this is an sponsored post, but I just really like they're clothing and I wanted to make sure that they get the credit for their clothing. With that being said....

I hope you enjoyed today's post. And if you did please be sure to let me know by commenting down in the comments what you would like to see next on this blog. Have an awesome day and I'll see you soon. -BloggerGirl <3



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