DIY after school fruit snacks

Hey guys its Tuesday sorry I didn't post this on Monday!  I have a new post for you!  Here are some easy DIY snack idea's! They all have fruit involved. They are just simple snacks that you can have after a busy day or any time! :) 

1) Yogurt fruit snack. (this one is very simple)

To make this snack you will need yogurt and fruit of your choice.
Pour your yogurt into a jar and put your toppings on top! I am a fan of oranges so I put that as my topping! And there you have a easy snack you can take any were! Just put on the top and your ready to go!

2) Apple sandwiches

(sorry there are only 2 sandwiches on the plate becuz I ate the rest lol)  You will need a apple, peanut butter, chocolate chips.

Cut the core out of your apple. peal it then slice it. Butter your apple slices with peanut butter. Sprinkle your chocolate chips onto your  peanut butter slices. Take one of your apple slices that does not have peanut butter on it and place it on top of your apple slice that does.

3) chocolate covered banana

Peal your banana and place it on a plate. Take your melted chocolate and drizzle it over your banana place it in the freezer. After a hour take it out and there you have a easy snack! :) 

I hope you enjoy these everyday snacks! And if you want to see more DIY's with food just say so in the comments below. Have a great week and I'll see you on Monday :)


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