DIY Bath Salt

Hey everyone! So sorry this post wasn't up yesterday! But today's post is simple and doesn't take a lot of time at all! So without further adieu lets get started!

Step 1: 
gather your supplies:
rock salt, a container,dye, and a oil sent (I chose lavender.)
Step 2: 
Mix your salt, lavender, and dye in a plastic cup or bowl. Mix well.
Step 3: 
Then put your salt into a small container.
Seal off the top of it.

Step 4:
Then cut out a little tag to put on. And your done! You can give this as a gift to someone or use it yourself! 

I hope you guys enjoyed that DIY and I will see you again next week with a new craft! Let me know what you think of this craft in the comments! Have a great day! -BloggerGirl


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