Fourth of July Bookmarks

Hey guys! Today is Independence Day in America so I thought that I would share with you guys on how to make your own american flag bookmarks. Even if you are not from America you can still recreate these bookmarks with the flag of the country you are from! But I hope you enjoy this craft! Happy Independence Day and Happy late Canada Day! So let's get started!

Step 1:
Gather your supplies:
Tape, scissors, a pen, red,white and blue colored paper.(If you are doing a different flag chose it's colors)

Step  2:
Cut out some, white strips, some very thin red strips, blue boxes, and some little white stars.(I used white boxes because it will take a long time to cut out stars)
 Step 3:
Glue on your strips and boxes to your long strip of white.
Step 4: 
Add the stars on by gluing them. 
Step 5: 
Take some extra red strips and tape them on the back of the bookmark.

Step 6:
Let it dry completely. And your done!!
I hope you enjoyed! 

Thank you so much for reading!Happy Fourth of July! Let me know in the comments what you want to see next! Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! 


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