3 Easy Organizing Tips For The New Year

Hey guys! So sorry that I didn't post on Monday.. :( But today I have a post ready! But let me start off with saying..... HAPPY NEW YEAR! And since it's new year I thought I would post an organization post! Yay! I know some of you like these kind of posts so if you do please let me know so that I can post more organization posts. I will be showing you 3 easy tips to keep you organized through 2016. Let's get into it!

Tip 1: 
Store all your small things in jars. I am using 3 glass nutella jars that I cleaned out when we were finished with it. I stored my flashlight,watch,hairbands,hand-wash,and some of my chap-sticks. You can personalize this to anything you want. 
Tip 2:
Buy a book calendar. Trust me it is worth it! It will keep you organized through the year. Someone bought me this one and I love it! 

Tip 3:
Use a circle shaped container and put all your paints around the side. Then place a jar in the middle a place all your markers in the jar. 
And there you have a place to keep all your paints and markers. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy New Year's again! I'll see you all next time I post! 
-Blogger Girl


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