My Summer Favorites Part 2

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a part 2 of my summer favorites! I just love these kinds of posts so I thought that I would make a part 2 of this!! So let me know in the comments if you like these kinds of posts or if you don't like these kinds and you would like to see more of just crafts.  Anyways lets get into it! 

Number 7(I am just continuing from the last post) :
My seventh favorite is my paint set and my art book. They are both super colorful. And there are beautiful things to capture in the summer!

Number 8:
My eighth favorite is my swim suits.
I really like one piece swim suits and here are two of my favorites! 

Number 9:
My ninth favorite is my sporty perfume. The brand is Addias and I really like this kind. 

Number 10:
My tenth favorite is my bright colorful highlighters! I absolutely love highlighters! 
I also have a post where you can make one of these awesome design on these jars that the highlighters are in: DIY Highlighter/Marker Jar Holder
And that is the end of My Summer Favorites! Thank you all so much for reading! Have a great fantastic day!  Also I want to say a big thank you to all you guys for getting this blog to 4,000 views! I love you all! I'll see you on Monday!!  -BloggerGirl


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