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Hey Everyone here is a cute decorative jar! All you have to do is duck tape around it and on the top! It is quite self explanatory. Lol! Have a great day! -Blogger Girl

Update On What I Have Been Doing

Hey Everyone I thought you might like to know what I have been up to! Write down in the comments down below what you guys have been doing! Painting my room! If any of you guys would like to see a picture then let me know down below! :) Baking! I really have been baking more because it is getting cooler and its a great season to bake!Reading! I really like to read a lot!And those are a few things that I have been doing. I have a lot more that I have been doing but I limited this list to three. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you all have a great day! See you next time I post!! :)
-Blogger Girl

Fall Inspired Craft

Hey Everyone! Since it's fall I decided I would post a fall inspired craft that I made for you guys! So lets just hop into it! What you will need for this craft: Paint (I am using brown,gold and a reddish orange.)
A paint brush, (a small one or big one) A piece of contact paper and a piece thick paper. Find something sharp to work with I used a knife but for safety reasons you can use scissors.

Step 1: Take your contact paper and cut a leaf shape. I had to use two books to hold the contact paper open because it was rolled up. Take the paper and stick the contact paper to it. Be careful when using the contact paper because its very sticky.
Paint your colors. Take off the contact paper and it should have a neat finish. You can just leave it like that or you can write something on it. I chose to write: Fall Inspired. I hope you try this out! <3
-Blogger Girl