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Just Wanted To Let You Know

Hey guys! You might be wondering where my posts are for Monday's. I just am taking a break from blogging. But I will be back in January with new craft blogs. I will still be answering questions you might have. And if you have anything you would like me to post on DIY Crafts in January leave me a comment and I will be sure to make it happen. Thank you guys so much! <3 Love all of you! -Blogger Girl

DIY Keyboard/Piano

Hey guys!! It's Monday and I decided I would post how to make a small cardboard keyboard for those piano lovers out there! What really inspired me to do this was that I had a piano recital this Sunday and I thought it would be fun to do something piano themed. Anyways.. If you have any crafts or something themed that you would like me to do please write it down in the comments down below! Okay, now let's just jump into this!

What your going to need: 
1 piece of white cardboard, 1 piece of black cardboard, (if you don't have white and black cardboard you can paint your cardboard like I did.) 1 bottle of glue, (You can use a glue stick or glue gun if you prefer) and a pair of scissors. 

Step 1:
Cut your black sheet of cardboard up into seven rectangular pieces. (they should all be the same height)
Step 2:
Glue your cut out piece's onto your white sheet of cardboard. Place it so it looks like a piano. Then draw lines to mark each piano key. 

And we are done!! 
And there you have …

Everything Imaginable

Hey Everyone I am advertising a blog for tigerowner62! :) It  
is called...EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE! It's a great blog that I think you all should check out! In this video down below it gives little information about it. Head over to and check it out! -BloggerGirl

Picture of the Mini Oreo Pads

Here is the picture from the video I did below this one! :)

DIY Mini Oreo Pad #Video

Hey guys! Here is the new post! I made a video!!! Hope you all like it! Thanks to Christa B. for helping me film! 

If you have any questions feel free to write them down in the comments down below! Love all of you!! <3 -BloggerGirl

Coming Soon! :)

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that a new post is coming out really soon!! If you want me to make a craft that you have seen but don't know if it will turn out then let me know in the comments down below! :) Love you all!! -Blogger Girl

My New Room Video

Hey Guys! Finally my video for my room is out! Yes I decided I would do a video instead of a picture. I hope you guys like it and tell me what you think in the comments down below! oh and if you have any idea's of how you think I can make my room better then be sure to tell me! Have a great day! Love you all! -Blogger Girl