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DIY Mosaic Table

Hey everyone! Today's Monday! And for today's post I am going to be showing you how to make this awesome Mosaic Table! I had a lot of fun making it so I thought you guys would want to know how to make it too! :) Let me know what you think about my table in the comments! So lets get started!
Step 1: Gather your supplies:An old table (wood preferably), strong glue, 4 pieces of wood (to make our border), a clamp (optional, but recommended) , tiles (color and design of your choice),white cement,and white paint. 
Step 2: Start by gluing your border down. Take your four pieces of wood and glue them on the sides. Using a clamp or something heavy, apply pressure to your wood so that it drys and stays on. You are also going to want to sand your wood if not already sanded.
Step 3: Paint a light coat of paint around your border but leave the rest of your table to paint for later. Break up your tiles into smaller pieces and start gluing them into a pattern on your table top. I chose to do 5 …

DIY Candle Holder

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing with you this super cool DIY GLITTER CANDLE HOLDER! It is super cute and I am obsessed! Just the other day I realized that I haven't posted a Craft on here in a while so I thought I would try to post more DIYs. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas of what crafts you would like to see on here. Also I'm sorry this is a day late, I was going to post this yesterday(Monday) but I didn't have time.  I can't wait to show you how to make this craft so...Let's get started!! 
Step 1: Gather your supplies: A glass jar(I used a Nutella jar), a small candle, a paint brush, glitter,tape,and glue.
First take your tape and cut out a shape of your choice. Then stick it to the INSIDE of your jar. 

Then using your paintbrush spread the glue all over the inside of the jar. Take your glitter and pour some into the jar. Shake the jar up.(You make need to place the top on). Dump the excess glitter. Let your jar dry completely. 

(I went out an…

What I Got For My Birthday

Hey everyone! It's Monday! And yesterday was my birthday!! And for today's post I am going to be sharing what I got for my birthday! I'm so excited about this post! Let me know in the comments if you like seeing posts like this!! So lets get into it!

The first thing I got was this cute sweater/shirt that is white and pink. 
The next thing I got is a cute Necklace with the letter F on it.
Thirdly I got a light blue tank top. And yes I know I got mostly clothes for my birthday. :)
Then I got some snacks like gummy bears, and Tortilla Rolls. 
I also got a a hat(vizer) and a cute ice cream tank top.  

And I got some cute sunglasses that are gold and white.
Lastly I  got some cute fluffy socks that are super cute and soft! And another pair that have a cool zebra design on them.

That is everything I wanted to show you guys today. I did get some other present but I thought that this would be a bit long to show everything. Let me know in the comments if you liked this post! Have a great d…

Things To Do In The SPRING

Hey everyone!! It's Monday! And if you have seen my THINGS TO DO IN THE FALL and THINGS TO DO IN THE WINTER posts then you would know that I post a seasonal post on things to do in that season! So it is officially Spring I thought I would do one of these kinds of posts! And honestly I didn't think that I was going to post today. But I grabbed my camera and took some pictures for this post. So lets get into it!!

COLOR! I love coloring when I'm bored and just want to relax. Also a great thing about coloring in the spring is you can hang up your art afterwards and brighten up your house from winter.

PAINT YOUR NAILS. So this one is for all the girls out there who like painting their nails, sometimes trying out a new color for you nail polish in the spring is a lot of fun. My favorite color of nail polish right now is this pretty reddish/maroon. (Let me know in the comments what your favorite color is!) 

GO FLOWER PICKING. I feel like this one is perfect for spring because this i…

DIY Spring Decor

Hey guys! It's Monday!! And it is also the first day of Spring! So I thought that I would show you how to make some Spring Decor. So today I am going to show you how to make this flower garland that you can decorate with. You can hang it up or lay it on your desk. I really like it and it is very simple to make...So lets get started!
Gather your supplies: Ribbon, a stapler, pink sticky notes, scissors, and glue.

First take two sticky notes and fold and crumple them into a flower shape. It doesn't have to look perfect.

Take one of your folded papers put glue on the bottom and put it in the other paper. 
Cut a ribbon the size of how many flowers you want to stick on it. Make about five flowers.
Staple your flowers onto your ribbon. Make sure your flowers are dry before doing this.
And your done!! Now you can either hang it up or use it with something creative!

Let me know in the comments what Spring themed things you would like to see next! Have a great day and I'll see you next wee…

DIY Re-Made Chapstick

Hey guys! It's Monday! I'm so sorry that I didn't post last week I was just super busy.  But for today's post I am going to show you how you can take an old EOS(chapstick) and turn it in to a new colorful EOS! If you don't know what an EOS is, it is a chapstick that comes in these cute containers sold by the EOS company. I love EOS but it never has any color to it, so...I thought that I could DIY it into a colorful EOS using CRAYONS!! (This is not my original idea, there are many video's on Youtube and on the internet showing how to make this but I thought I would try it out for myself) So with out further ado...Let's get started!
So first you are going to need to gather your supplies: An old EOS, coconut oil, a crayon, a spoon, a knife, and a double boiler or microwave.

First take apart your EOS container. But save your old chapstick and place it in a bowl. I used a knife to carefully take it apart. BUT PLEASE HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION WHEN DOING THIS.  
Place yo…

FroYo with BloggerGirl

Hey guys! It's Monday and for today's post I wanted to take you along with me to a FroYo shop. I thought it would be fun to change up from what I usually do. Yesterday I went to this cute Italian FroYo shop called Yogurtladia. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more posts like this. So without further adieu...Let's get into it!
When you walk in there is a cute set up of all the toppings,fruit,and syrups. So first I ordered a small yorgurt. 

Then they got my order ready. I ordered a vanilla and they used the machine to fill up the cup.
I also had the option of putting fruit in the bottom of the cup but I decided to do no fruit. But I would recommend fruit in the bottom!
Then I had them put nutella sauce on top of the yogurt. My favorite sauces are dark chocolate and nutella. 

Then they added as many toppings I wanted. Also a great thing about this place is that you can get unlimited toppings. 

Then I went and sat down at one of their cute side tables.