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Summer Morning Routine

Hey Readers! Today I thought I'd be fun if I did a Summer Morning Routine. Since school stopped for the summer, my mornings have been completely different. I have a lot more time to myself in the morning and it's actually really nice and relaxing. I've also done some research about healthy habits to incorporate into your routine. I've added a few to my routine in the morning so that I can start my day off right. Okay, let's get into it.

I usually wake up pretty early for a summer day and I'm not sure why. So around 7 am I get out of bed. I don't use an alarm I just wake up naturally with the light coming in from the windows. I go straight to the bathroom and wash my face. I also keep a water bottle in my room so I can start drinking that to start my hydration for the day.  Then I'll go downstairs and make myself some coffee. (And yes in the first picture my coffee looks SUPER light like I'm only drinking milk. But I'm pretty sure it's just the ligh…

Summer Posts

Hey readers! Welcome back to the blog if you've been here before or if this is your first time then just welcome. It's currently 8:30 am when I'm writing this. I was going through my morning routine and trying to plan some posts to make for this blog. As you can see in the picture above I'm writing in my bullet journal (planner) and currently editing this post. Since summer has started for me about two weeks ago, I think I'll have more time to post on here. Haha, if I'm not too busy hanging out at the beach.  I also might be making a Summer Morning Routine post, just to show you guys how I start my day and get going.  We'll see if I can stay on track with making consistent posts.   Have a great day and I'll see you whenever I decide to post again. -Faith (decided to go by my real name instead of blogger girl)