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Autumn Air

Hey you guys! It's Autumn! I'm so excited. And yes I know I'm a little late to the fall obsessed trend. You all are probably all ready for winter already!  Also when I think of fall I think of soccer season. :) And as you know I'm soccer-obsessed, because it is basically my favorite sport. Another thing that excites me about fall/autumn is the cooler air. Where I live, a warm climate, our "fall"  is not freezing weather. But it does get a little chilly.  Oh and candles! I love lighting candles and playing my favorite music on my phone. Also, one thing I've been doing recently is listening to podcasts.  Podcasts help me calm down and let my mind think while I might be doing other things like washing dishes or doing some needed chores around my home. My favorite podcast right now is "Pretty Basic" by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. I would highly recommend listening to their podcasts. You can listen to podcasts on Itunes, Apple Podcasts, and even Spotify. I …