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Hey guys!! So some of you may now that I love taking pictures. And photography for me is one of my passions that I haven't really pursued. But the other day I was taking some photos and today I thought that I would share a couple with you. Art can be found in the simplest things

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What's In My Bag 2018

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Can you believe its 2018??!  I'm still getting over it even though it has almost been a month!  So sorry I haven't been posting lately. I took a break from blogging for a bit just to relax and get some other things done. But hopefully, now I can get back to posting every week!  So today I wanted to do an updated version of What's In My Bag 2018. Also, this is just a bag I bring sometimes when I go out. So I don't always carry these things around with me when I go out. So let's get into to it!!

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