DIY Jar Cup

Hey guys! It's Monday! And today I'm going to show you how to make this very simple DIY Jar Cup! This is great for on the go or cookouts or anything! I love this DIY so much I have been using it all day! I really hope you guys like it! And stay till the end where I will have a special announcement! So lets get started!

Step 1:
Gather your supplies:
A jar with a top, a screwdriver, and a straw.
Step 2: 
Take your cap and your screwdriver and make a hole in the top of your cap.
 Step 3:
Take your straw and push it through the top, so that it fits in perfectly.

Step 4:
Put your cap onto your jar. When your ready to pour a drink in take it off, pour it in, and put it back on. I put lemonade into mine! And your done! Hope you enjoyed!

And that is how you make a DIY Jar Cup! I hope you all enjoyed this craft! And now for the announcement:
For our celebration of 50TH post I am going to be doing a Q and A! So please leave any questions at all in the comments and I will answer them in a post! But please be aware that there is a DEADLINE! THE DEADLINE DATE IS JULY 2, 2016.  So please write your questions below this post! Thank you so much! (also thank you to Musicgirl14 for requesting the Q and A)

Have a great day and I'll see you all on Monday! -BloggerGirl


  1. My question is where do you get the ideas for your crafts? Do you just come up with them or do you look around for ideas? Just wondering! -BloggerA

  2. Where did you get the idea to start blog? :)

  3. Which of your crafts on Diy Crafts is your favorite??


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