Monday, January 30, 2017

Tips To Get Over A Cold Faster

Hey guys! Today's Monday! I almost did not post this week because over the weekend I had a terrible cold. And I thought that maybe some of you have colds too. So I thought that I would help you out with some tips on to get over a cold faster. 
I hope this helps you out and if you do try out these tips then let me know in the comments.
So without any further adieu...Let's get started!

Tip 1: Use a cloth instead of tissues so that your nose doesn't get all red and puffy. But if you are going out of your house I would definitely use tissues.  

Tip 2: Use cream/lotion on your nose if it is red and puffy. This always helps me out a lot. 

Tip 3: Mints help sooth sore throats so this is what I take when my throat starts to hurt. Also try to get a spicy mint because those help open up your clogged nose,mouth and ears.
(Also in this picture I was laughing at my sister who was helping me film)
Tip 4: Make a tea. One of my favorite recipes for making tea when I'm sick is a lemon and honey blend. Just make a cup of earl grey tea, then add two TBSP of lemon and one TBSP of honey. Stir together. It is a very simple tea but great for your cold.

Tip 5: Drink lots of water! It is important to stay hydrated when you are sick and when your mouth feels very dry. Keep a water bottle with you so that you can pull it out and drink it.  
Tip 6: Get sunshine! Getting Sunshine when you are sick is very important. Because you need vitamin D to help heal your sickness. And you can get vitamin D from the sun. So just sitting out in the sun for 10 minutes is going to help you get over your cold faster.
Tip 7: Sleep! Sleeping is super important to getting over your cold. You could take a nap in the afternoon or go to bed earlier at night. If you have an apple device then there is a app called clocks where you can set how many hours you want to sleep for, by setting a bedtime reminder.

And that is the end of today's post! I hope these tips help you out if you ever have a cold or are sick. If you have any requests for future posts let me know down below! Also last Friday I started posting on my baking blog again. So if you haven't already checked it out here is the link:

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Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl

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Monday, January 23, 2017

DIY Wall Art

Hey guys! It's Monday and for today's post I will be showing you guys 3 simple ways to frame things. They are all super easy and affordable. This is going to be a bit of a long post because I am showing you how to do three instead of one. So you can pick one you like the best. So without any further adieu...Let's get started!

                    Number 1:
Step 1: 
Gather your supplies:
You will need a frame and a picture of the same size. The tip I want to give you is to take it from an old calendar maybe from 2016! But that is what I did and I loved how it turned out!

Step 2:
Place your large picture in the frame. 
I would suggest taping the edges so that they stay down and look neat.
And your done for the first wall art!!

Number 2: 
Step 1: 
Gather your supplies: 
You will need a long frame. And 6 smaller pictures. And also like the last one I took these from my other 2016 calendar.
Step 2: 
Take out the glass and the backboard. Place your pictures in order then place the glass over it. I wanted mine to look like a collage.
Step 3:
Then place it back in the frame and place it on your wall. Now you have a DIY masterpiece!!

                       Number 3:
Step 1: 
Gather your supplies:
Paint, paint brush, frame, sticky notes, marker and tape.
To start off if you don't like the color of your frame I would suggest painting it like I did. I chose this pretty blue and painted it then let it dry.
Step 2: 
Take you sticky notes (because they were the perfect size for this frame) and draw on a design of your choice. I went with a heart. Then open your frame and place it in. The sticky part of the notes wasn't very stick so I added some tape to help.

Step 3:
And there you have a cute DIY frame that looks completely new!! 

And those are all of the DIY's I had for you guys! I hope you try at least one of these out and if you do let me know in the comments down below! Also if you have any requests of future posts you want me to do then let me know in the comments. Have great day and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl

Monday, January 16, 2017

5 Ways to Relax

Hey, guys! It's Monday! :) And it has been a busy end of the year from all the holidays and getting ready for the New Year! So for today's post I wanted to share with you some tips on how to be less stressed and to relax a little bit. I hope this post helps you out a little bit! Also, I know that everyone might not enjoy all of these tips, that is why I am showing a couple so that you can figure out which tip is best for you! So without further adieu...Let's get started!

Tip 1: Listen to Music! I love listening to music so whenever you're feeling stressed out, put on your headphones, earbuds or just listen to your music out loud! This always seems to leave me in a good mood I would recommend listening to upbeat music.

Tip 2: Light a candle! Candle's are one of my favorite things! They are always to calming and smell so good! So if I were you I would definitely try this one out!

Tip 3: Read! Yes, I think I add this to all my posts of tips but I love reading and I thought it would be a good relaxer. One of my favorite authors is Jannette Oak, but in this picture, I am reading a book by Jane Austin, called "Emma".

Tip 5: Write in a Journal. Writing is a way to get your mind off things and to improve your handwriting! I write all the time and I love my journal! 

Tip 5: And last but not least..Go on a Walk! My little dog Rosie loves to go on walks so I take her out all the time. But going on a walk can be super relaxing especially when you're out in nature by yourself. You can clear your mind and get exercise at the same time. So this is one of my favorites from my list!

And that is the end of my post! I had a lot of fun making this post for you guys so if you would like to see more posts like this let me know my commenting down below. I hope you have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl

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Monday, January 9, 2017

DIY Planner Idea's

Hey, guys! It's Monday and for today's post, I am going to be showing you how I made a simple notebook into a super cute planner! If you haven't seen my 10,000 views post yet that I made today I suggest you do! It is below this post. So without any further adieu...Let's get started!

The first thing that I did was I took some pretty scrapbook paper and glued it onto the front and a piece on the back of the notebook. I also cut out this quote from my old planner and glued it onto the front. I let it dry completely before opening and working on the inside. 

When it was dry I opened it and started to work on the inside of my DIY Planner. I just took a ruler and drew 5 lines. And in the 6th space, I drew one line going down. Then I wrote the days of the week and the dates. I would highly recommend using a calendar to help you not mess up with the dates. Do this to the rest of your pages going to December. Also remember to write the months too.

And you're done! But feel free to add any personalized touches to your planner. I added a few to mine. :) 
And there you have a super simple DIY Planner that looks like you paid a lot of money for! Let me know in the comments if you make this DIY! Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! 


10,000 VIEWS??!! Yes, it is true DIY Crafts + Life Style just reached 10,000 views yesterday! 
Hey, everyone! It's Monday and I just wanted to let you know about this exciting point in my blogging experience! And this is only a bonus post today there will be a regular post coming out shortly after this one is published! I am so excited about this if you can't tell! I never expected anyone to look at my blog and now I'm here with 10,000 views! :) I just want to personally thank you all so much for reading, commenting, liking, and following DIY Crafts + Life Style. It really means a lot to me, so thank you all so much for your support! I hope you will continue reading DIY Crafts + Life Style as I continue on in my adventure of blogging!
Love you all! Have a great day and I'll see ya later! -BloggerGirl 

I thought it would be cool to write 10,000 with my craft supplies :)

(Comment down below how long you have been reading my blog for! :) I will be sure to reply!)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Organization 2017

Hey, guys! IT'S 2017! And it is also Monday! So for today's post I wanted to share with you some organization tips for 2017! I did a post like this last year so after you read this post, I would encourage you to check it out! So without any further adieu...Let's get started!

#1: My first tip, is to organize your things in shelves with compartments.

#2: Get a calendar. Calendars are super useful during the year because you can see what you need to do that month with it out in front of you.

#3: Lastly I used a large frame a placed some of my things that I wanted to display. It is also a good thing to write down your goals for this year and display. 
And that is the end!! I really hope you enjoyed the first post of 2017! Thank you so much for being here in 2016! Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl