Tips To Get Over A Cold Faster

Hey guys! Today's Monday! I almost did not post this week because over the weekend I had a terrible cold. And I thought that maybe some of you have colds too. So I thought that I would help you out with some tips on to get over a cold faster. 
I hope this helps you out and if you do try out these tips then let me know in the comments.
So without any further adieu...Let's get started!

Tip 1: Use a cloth instead of tissues so that your nose doesn't get all red and puffy. But if you are going out of your house I would definitely use tissues.  

Tip 2: Use cream/lotion on your nose if it is red and puffy. This always helps me out a lot. 

Tip 3: Mints help sooth sore throats so this is what I take when my throat starts to hurt. Also try to get a spicy mint because those help open up your clogged nose,mouth and ears.
(Also in this picture I was laughing at my sister who was helping me film)
Tip 4: Make a tea. One of my favorite recipes for making tea when I'm sick is a lemon and honey blend. Just make a cup of earl grey tea, then add two TBSP of lemon and one TBSP of honey. Stir together. It is a very simple tea but great for your cold.

Tip 5: Drink lots of water! It is important to stay hydrated when you are sick and when your mouth feels very dry. Keep a water bottle with you so that you can pull it out and drink it.  
Tip 6: Get sunshine! Getting Sunshine when you are sick is very important. Because you need vitamin D to help heal your sickness. And you can get vitamin D from the sun. So just sitting out in the sun for 10 minutes is going to help you get over your cold faster.
Tip 7: Sleep! Sleeping is super important to getting over your cold. You could take a nap in the afternoon or go to bed earlier at night. If you have an apple device then there is a app called clocks where you can set how many hours you want to sleep for, by setting a bedtime reminder.

And that is the end of today's post! I hope these tips help you out if you ever have a cold or are sick. If you have any requests for future posts let me know down below! Also last Friday I started posting on my baking blog again. So if you haven't already checked it out here is the link:

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Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl

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