DIY School Pencil Case

Hey Everyone! So you know from my last post this post is late. But this is the last of my series of back to school. I will possibly be doing more back to school in the future(let me know if you want me to) but for this series, its over.  I have a bunch of idea's that I will be posting next week!
Anyways lets get into our last but not least back to school craft! 

Step 1: 
Gather your supplies. You will need, 1 piece of felt, felt cut out letters(I chose the ones D I Y)
A bottle of glue, a needle, and thread.

 Step 2:
Fold your felt in half and sew up the edges. (sewing is optional you can use tape or glue if you prefer)
 Step 3:
Glue on your letters to the front of your case. 

 Step 4:
Now its time to fill your case with pencils,pens or makers. I decided I would put makers! :)

I hope you all enjoyed that craft! I'll see you on Monday with a new craft to share! Have a great day! -Blogger Girl


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