Bathroom Decor

Hey Everyone! :) I am going to be doing some home decor posts! And this week I thought it was be fun to start with the bathroom! Let me know down below which room of the house you want me to make crafts for next! And I will be sure to make it happen! Lets get into our bathroom decor craft!

 Step 1:
Gather your supplies, you will need: 1 glass jar, a bag of salt or sand, 5 plastic or paper cups, a spoon, food coloring, and 1 sheet of paper.
Step 2: 
Fill four of your cups with salt and one with water. Spoon out one spoonful of water and add to drops of food coloring in it. Then dump it into each of you cups.

Step 3:
Stir them each of then rinsing your spoon before mixing each one. 

Step 4:
Pour it in one at a time till the top. Seal on your top. And there you have a awesome bathroom decoration! Right now it is sitting in my bathroom at my house! :) 

 I also just wanted to say that this is my 30th post on DIY Crafts! Thank you all so much for viewing my blog! Love all of you!! Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -Blogger Girl


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