Living Room Decor

Hey guys! Its Monday! Yes it means a new craft is coming out! It is a living room decor craft requested by RhodeIslandBlogger !  Anyways I hope you all enjoy this craft and let me know your thoughts about it in the comments and also what room in the house decor you want me to do next! Lets get into our Living Room Decor!

Step 1:
Gather your supplies: a plastic bowl or a bottom of a container, a bottle of spray paint (I chose the color gold), and a large sheet of paper.

Step 2:
Lay out your sheet of paper outside on the ground. Spray paint all around your bowl. 
Step 3:
Let your container dry for 20 minutes before taking inside. Put whatever you want inside of it. I wanted mine to be a decoration so I put tissue paper and ribbon inside. 

And there you have a perfect decoration for your living room! Thank you RhodeIslandBlogger for suggesting this! Have a great day everyone and I'll see you on Monday! -Blogger Girl


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