My Summer Favorites

Hey guys! Today I want to show you my some of  favorite things for summer or My Summer Favorites! But anyway I hope you enjoy this post! And I hope you are having a great summer because Summer is almost over and we need to make the most of it! So lets get into it!

Number 1: 
My First  Favorite is my hat!
I love this big one because it keeps the sun off your face and you can look very stylish lol! 
Number 2: 
My Second Favorite is:
Niva Sun Protect & Bronze  Sunscreen.
I love this one because when your at the beach or at the pool it keeps you from getting burned. I would highly recommend this brand of sunscreen. 
Number 3: 
My Third Favorite is my Beach Bag!
This is just the right size to carry everything I need to the beach. And the outside of the bag is gorgeous!! Also I purchased this bag at Target. 
Number 4: 
My Fourth Favorite is my sunglasses!
I love my sunglasses they keep the sun out of my eyes and go great with any outfit! 
Number 5: 
My Fifth Favorite is my beach towel!
This towel has a bunch of words that say: Water, Beach, Sun, and Summer. 
I love towels that are bright and colorful!

Number 6:
And my last summer favorite(at least for this post) is my Summer 2016 Scrapbook! I actually have a post where you can learn how to make this right here: DIY Summer Scrapbook
Well those are some of my summer favorites! Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this!Look out for a part 2 of this!!  Also I would like to challenge BloggerA to post a Summer Favorites post on her blog! Thank you all so much for reading and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl


  1. Thanks blogger Girl! Yes I will do a summer favorites post! Thank you for thinking of me and keep your eyes open for a summer faves on my blog, Again thanks for challenging me to this! Blogger girl, look for a challenge on my blog to YOU! Xoxo BloggerA.


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