Hey, guys! Today I decided that I would share an update post with you guys because there is so much to update you on! Don't worry, there will be a post up on Monday this is only a bonus post.  So without further adieu let's get started with these updates! 

1. DIY Crafts Is A Year Old! Exactly today, DIY Crafts has reached a full year! It seems like just yesterday that I posted my very first craft on this blog! I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who support this blog with all of your comments and follows! 

2. New Background!Yes, it is true I have changed the background of DIY Crafts! And I  absolutely love it! Please let me know if you like it too!

3.We have reached over 4,000 views! I am so excited to see how much DIY Crafts is growing! It makes me happy to know that I am sharing my crafting skills with all of you!

And those are all the updates I wanted to share with you guys today. Let me know in the comments if you have any requests for future posts! Have a super special day and I will see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl 


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