Ways To Be Organized

Hey! Today is Monday and for today's post, I will be showing you seven easy ways to be more organized! I had a lot of fun making this post so let me know in the comments if you would like to see more posts like this. Also, let know how many of these ways you already do! 
So without any further adieu let's get started!

Number 1: If you're like me and never know what to wear in the morning here is an idea that might help you out. Pick out your clothes the day before so that in the morning you can just get dressed and go! This idea always helps me out when I need to get somewhere early!

Number 2: Sometimes being organized is hard when you forget things that need to be done. So this idea that I use a lot, is to put post-it notes on your wall so that you can see reminders for when you need to do something.  

Number 3: Make an organizer. An organizer helps keep all of your things super organized and they are pretty simple to make. I will leave a link at the end of this post of where you can find how to make my organizer that I have on this blog. 

Number 4: Clean your room. Cleaning your room really helps you feel organized and neat. I feel that this is really important because it helps to have it out of your way so that you don't feel stressed out when your room isn't clean. Even just cleaning up a little can make a big difference! 
Number 5: Make a menu. If you have trouble trying to figure out what you're going to eat every day, take one day and pick out a bunch of meals for the rest of the week. And now you have a full week of planned meals.
Number 6: Don't Stress! One important thing when trying to be organized is not to be stressed about it. No one can be completely perfect in being organized. It's just not possible! So my tip for you is to not stress about being organized. Take it slow and enjoy it!
Number 7: And last but certainly not least, have a planner. I love my planner because it helps me stay organized throughout the year. I would highly recommend getting a planner!
And those are some of the ways to be organized. I hope you enjoyed today's post! Thank you so much for reading! Also look out for a post about cleaning coming soon! I hope you have a super great day! -BloggerGirl

Link for DIY Organizer: Craft Supplies Organizer

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  1. Once I get my room clean I will try some of these things. I may make an organizer, not like yours though, make Post-It Reminders, and when they new year comes, possibly use a planner. Thank you for posting! Can you possibly post some more things like this next week?

    1. That's great! I'm glad I helped you out with organization! (Sorry this reply is a bit late.)


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