Organization Tips

Hey guys! It's Monday! And I'm back with another Organization post! I love giving tips of how to organize better and you guys seem to like these kinds of posts, so I thought that I would make another one! So without any further adieu...Let's get started!

TIP 1: Make Your Bed. This always helps me be organized whenever my bed is made, because then I feel my room is more clean. Because your Bed is the center of your bedroom, to have it made and put together is essential to keep you from getting stressed. And then you can be more productive.

TIP 2: Keep Your Items Organized. I like to organize my things on trays and small organizers that I can put on a shelf. In the picture this is my everyday stuff that I need so I keep this out and things I don't need go in my closet. 

TIP 3: Color Coat Your Clothes. Speaking of closets I like to arrange my clothes in colors on my shelf so pinks,blues,purples,greens,blacks, and grays are all separate. This way I can decide what color I want to wear that day and easily find it without wrecking my entire closet leaving it a mess.    

TIP 4: Make Sure Everything Has A Place. This is important because then you can remember where you put your things and get them when you need them. And when you are done you can put it back in its place. Like I have a cute create that I keep my violin books, my excising mat, and some extra crafting supplies. 

TIP 5: Plan Out Your Week. Chose a day out of the week, (I usually do this on Sunday afternoon) and plan out your week. So then you can look at your schedule and know exactly what you have to do that day. 

And those are all of the tips I have for you guys today! I do every single one of these things and I know they help so definitely try them out! Let me know in the comments if you do! Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -BloggerGirl 


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