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Hey everyone! It's Monday and it is almost summer. And a lot of people are getting ready to travel for the summer and so am I. So I thought that I would share some EASY traveling tips with you so that you're prepared for any trip you take. All of these tips are super helpful and I use almost all of them! If you like posts like this please let me know in the comments so I can make more posts like this. So lets get started!

Tip 1: When packing a suitcase most people just fold their clothes and throw them in. But a better way is to roll your clothes and put them in. This will leave you with more space and less wrinkles in your clothes. 

Tip 2: Another tip to saving space in your suitcase(or backpack) is to pack all of your pairs of socks in your shoes. So you can fit about 3 pairs in a large shoe, so that is 6 pairs of socks in a pair of shoes! That is a crazy amount of space you'll be saving!

Tip 3: When packing shampoo,conditioner or lotion, sometimes it leaks out of the lid and into your baggage. So an easy tip to avoid that is to take off the lid, then place plastic wrap on top and screw the lid back on. It's that simple! 

Tip 4: So this one is for both airplane rides and car trips. Pick out what your going to wear ahead of time so that you haven't already packed all your clothes and have nothing to wear. Also when choosing an outfit, chose comfortable clothing because most trips are long and your going to have to wear that the whole time. 

Tip 5: You know that awful feeling when you realize you forgot something and you're halfway there? Well to stop that from happening, make a packing list so that you can check off each thing as it goes into your bag. That way you make sure that you have packed everything you need. BON VOYAGE!  

And those are all the tips I have for you today! If you would like to see a PART 2 of this then let me know in the comments by saying "PART 2". 
I hope you at least found one of these tips helpful. I know I will be using these tips to help me, because I am going to be traveling really soon. Have a great day and I'll see you on Monday! -Blogger Girl

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