Back To School Ideas

Hey everyone! It's Monday!! And that means that I get to post here on DIY Crafts + Life Style.
So today I am going to be doing a back to school post. And just being me I'm always late with the Internet trends and trying to keep up with all the seasons. And so today with some help from my sister, I came up with 3 DIY ideas that could help save you from the sadness of going back to school. Also make sure you look out in the weeks ahead for some FALL INSPIRED posts. I've worked hard at doing some posts early so that they get up in time. But enough of this chit chat. Let's get started!

Number 1: Find a cute jar or holder to keep your pens and markers in. I found this cute pineapple and decided to use it. You can find one of these at your local craft store. Also to add color and a modern look to it i placed a contrasting colored sheet of paper underneath. 
Number 2: Notebooks can be kind of boring just by themselves. And if you don't wanna spend a fortune on a notebook that is cute and pintresty, then here is a great way to turn a boring notebook to a instagram worthy notebook. So first go online and look for a cute quote that you want to use. Then take a pen and write that quote on the back of your notebook. You can also freehand some cute designs on too. <3
Number 3: Do you ever lose track of your school and library books around the house? Well an easy way to keep track of them is to keep them all in a basket. This one is one of my favorites I think.
And that's a wrap! :) I hope you guys enjoyed today's post! If you did please comment down below what you would like to see next! Have a great autumn day! -BloggerGirl


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