Summer Pictures

Hey guys! I know today's not Monday but I couldn't wait to make a post on here. So why I haven't been posting all summer is because my computer broke and I didn't have a way to make the posts I wanted to make. But I finally got a new computer and now I can post more on here!! :) So today I just wanted to share some pictures from this summer that I and my friends and family took with our camera's. And since I already miss summer this is gonna bring back some awesome summer vibes! So I hope you enjoy todays post! Let hop into it!

These are my 5 friends and I laying on the floor of our gym. It was really fun lol.(In Rhode Island)

My sister and me at a beach in the woods. (In Connecticut)
It was freezing even in the summer, but here is an awesome picture of this amazing lake. Photo credits to my brother. (In New Hampshire)
We made a huge bonfire and the smoke went up past the tree line. It was amazing. (In Vermont)

Here is a pretty cool and stunning picture of the sunset at the airport. (At JFK airport/New York)

And that is all I have for you guys today! Let me know what you would like to see next. And also if you would like to see posts more like this! <3 
Have a great day and hopefully see you Monday! -BloggerGirl 

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  1. Loved seeing you at Youth Group while you were here!!! Not in that picture though but thats okay


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